Welcome to Good Book/Good Bread!

Good Book/Good Bread is a twice monthly celebration of excellent books and delicious bread. If you love reading and discovering new (and old!) books, and have even just an appreciation for bread, Good Book/Good Bread will be right up your alley.

Every second Friday, I share a book recommendation, and then bake a bread that fits with an aspect of the story. By subscribing, you’ll stay up to date and have a newsletter in your inbox every two weeks.

A bit about me

My name is Hannah Griffin, and I live in a cabin in Paradise Valley, British Columbia. I am a lifelong lover of reading, and enjoy a range of books, including memoir, fiction, outdoor adventure, science fiction and graphic novels. I started baking bread five years ago, and love trying new recipes and sharing delicious bread with my favourite people. I started Good Book/Good Bread as a way to tie together two of my favourite things in a meaningful and fun way.

I worked in journalism for a few years, working for clients including Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and VICE. More recently, I’ve been using my storytelling skills at companies working to combat climate change, and am currently working at a very neat startup called Zerofy. When I’m not at work, reading or baking bread, you can find me exploring the mountains and rivers of British Columbia.

Get in touch

Have feedback about Good Book/Good Bread, or just want to chat about books and bread? Hit me up at hannahmollygriffin@gmail.com


Hannah Griffin
I live in a little cabin in Paradise Valley, BC. I love the mountains, skiing and rivers. But most of all, I love books and bread. Every two weeks, I write a newsletter, Good Book/Good Bread sharing a great book and a corresponding bread recipe.